Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hotel of the week: Amanjena, Marrakech...

Just 20 minutes away from the busy, and lively Marrakech centre there is a paradise hotel, Amanjena (which does translates, peaceful paradise). This was the first Aman resort on the African continent.
Although hidden, this fab hotel has been visited by one of the biggest celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, the Beckhams. 'Sex and the City 2', where Carrie has dinner with Aidan was all shot in Amanjena...
When I vist this place, I always feel serene and clean. Love the simple architecture and simple colours. Although simple, it still has plenty of the Moorish character.

The Resort’s 32 Pavilions lie beneath their own graceful stuc Venetian domes.  A wood-burning fireplace brightens the living area while Moroccan marble finishes the bathroom and its stepped and columned bathtub.  Berber carpets are scattered about zellij-tiled floors.  Each Pavilion Bassin is located next to the main bassin and features a garden courtyard with pillared minzab (gazebo), loungers lit by candle lanterns and zellij fountains recessed into terracotta-tiled floors.  Identical in design, Pavilion Piscine each features a private heated pool and an extended private garden.
                    I can imagine sitting here and waiting for the sun to go down with some moroccan tea!
                         It's a combination of Moorish Design and Western Designs...beautiful blend
                   The Moorish Decor, full with inspiration and passion. I can smell the rose petal..
Love the moorish lanterns all around..so romantic.

Hope you visit them soon, it really is a gem, a paradise...


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