Monday, 28 February 2011

A hidden Gem-A House in Morocco

Hello Ladies!
It's Monday, and I am selecting one of the stylist houses from Morocco. It's fulled with surprises and funkiness, yet still holds its traditional looks. Throughout this house, you can see the Moroccan traditional pattern (Zellige) repeat itself in every room. Wonderful idea!

Enjoy the visual tour of Liza Bruce & Nicholas Vega's Moroccan Home.

Fashion designer Liza Bruce and her husband, artist Nicholas Alvis Vega, lead the life of high-style nomads. The jet-setting couple have amassed a global collection of homes—from a flat in London's Notting Hill, to a palazzo apartment in Jaipur, to a group of beach bungalows in Puglia, Italy—that they have furnished with a worldly sensibility and a near-cinematic eye for design. "We refer to our houses as film sets without the film," Bruce says. "We're driven to create the perfect hideaway."

The jewel in their crown—the home that Vega calls their "pleasure palace"—is a three-story house in Morocco complete with gardens, terraces, a swimming pool, and a hammam steam bath. Bruce, who made her name in the 1980s with an innovative line of Lycra swimwear, now sells her fashions in her London boutique. In 2003, she began traveling to Marrakech to create a collection of embroidered caftans. After several trips, she and her husband—an inseparable pair who met as teenagers in 1968— decided to establish a permanent base in Morocco.
(This article was from Elle Decor in 2010)

The Zillige patters are on the windows & doors...very subtle, yet brings tradition in this hippy house...

Lovely vivid colours...Just what we need to lighten up our day!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,
Gros Bisous de Marrakech,


Friday, 25 February 2011

Blue Marrakech...

I was just at my desk in London, and I just miss the blue vivid colours of Marrakech already. We came back from Marrakech 2 weeks ago, and can't wait to go back to the sun...
Morocco is famous for 'blue paints' on the walls. They say you can't get this blue any where in the world. Only in Morocco...The secret is in the sun, the water, the earth, and its people :)
If you want to enjoy this colour, you'll have to visit Morocco!

Fabulous's very vivid, yet not intimidating and quiet...
This is from the Garden of Yves Saint Laurant. Marrakech was & is a mecca to some Designers...

Blue works for a 'bohemian look'

Lovely Lilac-blue rustic designs...

I love this clean & bohemian room. It's just cozy...

My dream poolside...

Je espere un bon weekend!
Have a lovely weekend everyone...


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Beautiful hidden gem- the modern ryad in Marrakech

We are currently making our own 'home nest' in the suburbs of Marrakech, and we are now at a stage to think about the interior.
I recently started searching for ideas, and I came up with this idea to update my blog friends about the new, and hip beautiful ryads & hotels we have here in Marrakech.
Marrakech to me is like a design dream without any limits, or borders. Its designs are all unique and lives independent from the normal 'Trend' and 'Time'. It's free from all that. I find in Marrakech, nothing is 'out-of-date'. Everything you see, old & new has so much character, you can forget about any trend and just enjoy!

This week, it am giving you a brief visual tour of one of my favorite, hip ryad, 'P'tit Habibi'.
It's a hidden gem, which is situated in the midst of the crowded Marrakech Medina. It's simple, elegant and meditative.
Let me know how you like this ryad hotel...
I'm sure to get some ideas from here for my house in Marrakech...

 I just love the islamic pattern on the simple, yet a great design

A wonderful room to relax & chill out. You can almost feel the breeze coming through the house

Very hip dining room!

A cozy little area...This is an idea you could use when you don't have space...

Using lanterns makes the bathroom look exotic, and brings wonderful character...
You are invited anytime to our house to have some tea in one of these Moroccan rooms! Just lovely living...

Hope you enjoyed my visual tour..
with Amour from Marrakech,


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Romantic Moroccan Hamman & Spa...

Happy belated Valentines Day! I'm still in the mood for warm romantic baths and candles a day after the real Valentines day. Afterall, it's still winter, and you might as well make it cozy and romantic at home, if you can't enjoy being out in the cold.
I love baths, but I love bath more during these cold winter days.
Moroccan's are one of the most cleanest people I have ever met as a culture. People go to the 'Hammam' (similar to the Turkish bath hamman, where you can take a bath and wash in a proper room, and not in a tub) at a regular basis.
Married to a Moroccan, I've learned the beauty of their Hamman & Spa.

Inspirational Hammam-like bath, with Moroccan Lantern

Bathing in the Hammam is not your typical rub-a-dub-dub, the process involves different steps of scrubbing and soaking, drenching and dousing.

Here’s a run down of the head-to-toe scrubdown experience:

  • First, choose a spot in the hot room where you’ll sit on your matt. Now, the tayeba (scrub person)will apply sabon beldi (special kind of soap) all over your body and then alternate between scrubbing and lathering you thoroughly with the kese sponge and splashing warm buckets over you. If rhassoul (natural mud) is used, it will be mixed with water and applied all over your hair. Again, it will be repeatedly rinsed out, while combing from the roots until your hair feels silky clean. This process of cleansing, scrubbing and kneading will take about 45mins.

  • If you've never usded a Hammam before, it sounds painful with all the exfoliating scrubbing, but believe me, it is very relaxing, plus you will appreciate when you see all the layers of your skin peeling off! It's true, your skin will be looking and feeling exactly like a new born baby...lovely!!
The beauty is that, you can actually do this ritual in your own bath. Well, the space will be limited, as you need to do all the scrubbing and washing in your tub.
Just purchase one of the Moroccan black beldi soap and a scrubber and you will be coming out with baby skin everyone would envy...give it a try! Oh and yes, I always put lots of candles around the tube for the special mood...

Here is one place to purchase moroccan soup

A beautiful idea, where the tube is next to the Romantic, so Moroccan!
Create a special atmosphere with candle lights and moroccan lanterns. It's never too late for Valentines!

it's like in the arabian nights...Imagine it with petals all around!

I love these moroccan inspired tiles...gorgeous!
A very sexy sink with elegance and mystic...

Get inspired and do something special to your bathtime. All you need is candles, incense, moroccan soap, scrubbing sponge, petals and you will be on your way...

from Marrakech, ya salaam,


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My New Designs...

It' feel it's been a long time since I've written...I was doing some other projects regarding the house we are making in Marrakech, and between the time of raising a daughter, looking after the family, and designing my new tunics, time just has flown by.

How have you been? I hope 2011 would bring lovely events and memories to all of us.

As I was saying, I just came back from Marrakech, the romantic and exotic Ville de Rouge (Red City), and am feeling relaxed and refreshened.
I am posting some of my new collections. Let me know if you like them. Or any new ideas, I would be open for them too...

with Amour from Marrakech,


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