Friday, 21 October 2016

Autumn is here to stay, get your boho homes ready!

Autumn is settling down, time to change your lifestyle...Autumn is here, the leaves are changing its colours and it's getting chilly out there. Time to make your boho homes nice and cosy with Moroccan poufs, lamps, and berber carpets! Kaftans are perfect loungwears for a cosy weekend in. Everything you've dreamed for is in Maison de Marrakech. Don't forget to shop with us to find your dream there..


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Autumn is here to stay, AW2016 Maison de Marrakech out soon!

Autumn is here, and we could just feel the air cooling off. It's a romantic time of the year, and let's just endulge in the spirit of fall, romance, deep richness of the season..
We're in the midst of taking our AW2016 photoshoots, and our collection is to be out 15-20 Sept. So stay tuned, and keep enjoying the bohemian breeze. We 're out with more winter kaftan selections, and lots of bohemian jackets, and winter furnitures...get ready Autumn, our arms are open for you. Happy Autumn everyone!
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Sunday, 14 August 2016

assalama leikum from Morocco!

Assalama Leikum from Morocco! we have been away for a while to create and prepare for our Autumn collection! We hope you are enjoying your summer holidays, as we are. In life, it's so important to take a break and start living. I tend to postpone the living and just work, work, but the most important things in live , are the things that you do freely, with passion and no intention. Here at Maison de Marrakech, we take our holidays passionately, and are taking a break to bring more renewed inspirations and trendiness to fashion in the Autumn. We will be adding more boho interiors, like the berber cushions, pompom sandals, rugs and much more. We are still open for our Summer items, so stay tuned and hope you keep visiting us during the summer too!
Happy summer from the sunny city Essoueira!


Monday, 18 July 2016

We are off to find our boho rugs...

Yayy! we are out in about soon to Marrakech to create some one of a kind bohemian rugs...hope you stay tuned to our FB page. Just like the 'magic rug' in Aladdin, rugs does in fact does the 'magic' to your house. The amazing thing is that you could have a room full of plain whites (including the walls....) but with just one colourful berber rug, the wholes room comes alive, and suddenly, the magic happens...
Don't forget to give love to your house with a proper boho berber carpet (shh, we are off on a journey to our loved town Marrakech to get some for you..). Our collection will be out end of Summer, so plenty of time to start thinking of what kind of rugs you may love in the house!
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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Jumpsuits & Rompers, here we come!

Here at Maison de Marrakech, we're now just into Jumpsuits & rompers. It looks so playful, summerful, yet trendy & glamorous. What more can you ask for a fashionista?
We are finding inspirations in combining the trendy look with our traditional Moro-style embroideries to give our jumpsuits & rompers a twist, something different from what you normally see in the stores. Our philosophy is to combine the classic traditional with the new and experimental. It always works, you just need the eye to see the beauty of this wonderful marriage!
Hope you visit us, and take our jumpsuits with you this summer! Pack your jumpsuits & let's gypsy, set & go!
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Love from Marrakech


Monday, 6 June 2016

The Marrakech Express..let's get on it!

Get on the Marrakech Express! Enjoy you summer with all Marrakech inspired lifestyle products...
I loved bohemian since I was a child, something rustic, simple, yet rich, elegant and absolutely a pleasure to the eyes and senses. Bohemian lifestyle is not a trend, but a way of life. For me, it's something that I breathe and live, and surround myself, most likely it's my religion. And a religion is not a trend, it's a statement of your life, and who you are.
Let's live a bohemian life together, and endulge everyday in the richness, and the amazing senses it will awaken us each and everyday. Start today, and join us for the Marrakech with us at
with love,

Love Marrakech,


Friday, 27 May 2016

Get ready for the boho outdoor lifestyle with Maison de Marrakech

Ready for the boho beach & Maison de Marrakech!
Summer is coming closer, as UK hits now the Bank holiday, and the rest of the world is feeling more of the warm sun, outdoor living now.
Get Ready for the boho beach & Maison de Marrakech lifestyles!
More breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that you can all have on the beach. Why don't you set yourselves a beautiful tent and decorate it with our poufs, carpets and lamps. Create the most relaxing settings, and wear our most relaxing boho kaftans. Life is too short to think, just do it. Live life to the max. Have a great weekend...
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