Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lovely Easter Holiday...

It's thursday! One more day to go until Easter Holiday kicks in...I can't wait. We will be in Marrakech in our new home :o) We have been working on our new home for over a year now. It's coming along well, but we're still in the process of buying furniture, it might still take awhile till I could finally post it on my blog☆ Can't wait! Our interior decor is 100% moroccan, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, hope you have a lovely Easter Holiday. I will be busy thinking about my new collections for early summer. When I come back to London, I will be posting new items for my shop.
Stay tuned also for my new babouche collections!! I'll be bringing back spring-summer babouches which would fit perfect for your interiors. Bring a little Marrakech to your home...
Would you wear a babouche in your house?


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Riad Charai...☆

It's getting hotter and hotter in Marrakech, and definately the summer is approaching.
August is quite unbareable in Marrakech because of the extreme heat (sometimes it goes +40 degrees!),
but otherwise, it's a perfect paradise for a summer holiday.
I always love a riad where there is a nice inspirational place to chill out and cool down, after coming back from the heat outside.
I'd love to introduce you another hidden gem riad called Charai. The name came from an aristocratic family who lived there in the 19th century.
This is riad is close to the centre Souk, Jma Efna, and is close to the famous Zaouia Mosque, and the Bab Tarhzout.
Just love this rustic design! Truely bohemian and elegant...
Love how they bring tradition and simplicity to style☆
Just imagine yourself chilling out in this cool shaded lounge after a long shopping day...
Endulge yourself in the very Moroccan setting, feeling like a goddess, restoring your energy...

Let me know how you like this riad...Do you feel like relaxing here? Do you get inspiration from the wonderful decor? For me, it's full of good vibes and inspiration...I am sure to visit to this magical place again!

Amour de Marrakech, maasalama!


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Moroccan Doors...Le Baab de Maghrib

Hello Everybody! Sorry I have been away again and was busy working on some new designs for my Spring collection. I will be going away to Marrakech again during the Easter holidays, if anyone wants me to buy something, or you would like me to design something 'Moroccan' for them. Do let me know and I will always try to accomodate...

Today's topic is about Moroccan doors. The door plays an important part of the deco of the house. It's not just a door. But it's full of characters and colour. You could almost imagine how it's like inside the house. Moroccan doors keeps the house mysterious and making the passers wonder how it may look like inside the house.
Often behind those mysterious doors, there is an unexpected courtyard, an beautiful open space with lots of light hidden. I love these doors. It's like a women hiding her secret, her gem inside and keeping herself mysterious to the world.
I can't help but to knock on the door and let myself in...


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