Thursday, 9 January 2014

2014 Moroccan Party, make it a special one...

A Happy New Year to Everyone! At Maison De Marrakech, our shop, a lot is happening and changing. First of all , we just came back from the sunny and exotic skies of Morocco, traveling from Fez to Oazazad, to Marrakech (our beloved red city!...)
We have started coordinating 'Moroccan Themed Parties' -Morccan weddings to any Moroccan romantic themed parties. Here are some of the ideas we have and have done for some of our clients. We have a vast knowledge of any kind of craftsmanship in Marrakech, and will be able to buy, taylor any kind of Moroccan themed occasion for you. Please contact should you be interested. 2014, let's do something different, exotic and spicy! Set up a really exotic Moroccan Party,and live everyday with cherishment.
We are also back with new caftans and designs, & 20% sale for selected items. Visit us at:

May 2014 be full of inspiration, and hope we can help in inspiring you!
With love from Marrakech,


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