Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Milan Fashion Week...

It's Milan fashion week! I always try to check out my favorite designers:
Dolce & Gabbana
Salvatore Ferragamo & Roberto Cavalli....

They are my heros, with innovative ideas and style, they always excite my with inspirations!
Here are there collection for this year.
One journalist has described the Dolce Gabbana collection as- waiting for the show to start on gilded chairs surrounded by mirrors, chandeliers along bothsides of the runway drapped with roses gave an indication as to what to expect, it was very baroque, very glam and very very DOLCE.

Look at this gorgeous lace, gold embroidery, simply rich and beautiful...

 The above is the collection for Salvatore Ferragamo. Also in a baroque mood....I would love to re-create the dress on the right to my "Maison Marrakech" collection for summer..what do you think?
              My all time favorite, Roberto Cavalli!!!!Love the design on the right...beautiful striking pattern!
              It all ends well with Naomi Campbells appearance...Fin ☆

Love from Marrakech,


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday: Palais Rhoul, out of the world space....

It's tuesday and I was thinking of which hotel to look into for great inspirations...
Well, it was just the Oscar's the otherday, and I was looking at celebrities wonderful evening dresses and the glamour.
Where in Marrakech is there glamour? Well, Marrakech has glamour and hip everywhere you go, but when it comes to celebrities visiting, nothing compares to my favorite 'Palais Rhoul' boutique hotel.
This is a one hotel where the hollywood celebrities come for peace and quiet. Not to mention David Beckam and George Clooney!
Palais Rhoul is a architectural bliss, where the east meets the west, or rather west meets the North African charm. There are roman columns and moroccan lanterns, modern furniture, traditional moroccan fountain..mixture of the cultures, full of colour and fragrance.
Hidden only 5KM away from the centre of Marrakech, this is a paradise not to be missed.

Happy Tuesday...
Love from Marrakech,


Monday, 27 February 2012

Lanterns, Flowers and the Hammam...

It's monday! I always try to find something very inspirational to start the week, something to keep my energy going high for it to last all week...
This week, although Valentines Day has passed, I'm still feeling the atmosphere of L'amour...
Spring is in the air, a kind of sweetness, I can feel all my senses coming in bloom.
I'm in a romantic mood this week. Shall we try some of the secrets the Arabians? The Moros know how to turn a bath into an exotic, sensual place.
Actually, if you are up for it, anyone can do something similar at home.
All you need is:
Rose petals (to sprinkle around the bath, and inthe bath tub)
candle lights
insense burning
exotic buddahbar kind of music
Ok, now let's get our inspiration for this week....
                    I love the way the bath, is connected with the other rooms..there is a natural flow
                   The bedroom and bath is combined together, I'd love to have this in my room too
                   Beautiful illumination...just get a moroccan lamp, and change your room completely!
                    Love the water basin above. They put rose water in them to refreshen your body..
             Lovely Lantern! Maison Marrakech has got similar lamps!! Visit our shops for lovely items...:)
                           Romance doesn't need money, it needs the heart and passionate ideas...

Hope to keep the pasions in your lives going on.
Love from Marrakech,


Friday, 24 February 2012

A bohemian home....

Today I wanted to share with you a bohemian home, which caught my eyes.
This is truely a paradise, where simple is more. In life, acturally, less is more, but people tend to
forget about sometimes need just a simple, inspiring place like this to make you come
back to the basics..
I love this holiday home for Consuelo Castigliani, designer of Marni. I can image our Maison Marrakech Lamps, babouches and pouffes fitting perfectly in the picture...
This is why I love what I do, promoting bohemian moroccan interiors and's simple, cozy and inspirational...
                                So clean and beautiful...I feel my soul in peace with this interior!
                    This interior above would go beautifully with our Masion Marrakech white pouffes!!
                                                                     Time for tea!!

                                     This is identical to Moroccan Tedlekt style bath...
                               How about lying here with a white caftan, so cosy and beautiful....

Always love from Marrakech,


Friday, 10 February 2012

Maison De Marrakech Early Spring Collection...

It just snowed early this morning in London, but the snow has melted all by noontime...
I feel winter is fighting its last fight, but eventually, spring will win its way..
Sometimes, you just have to wait and enjoy the waiting.
I'm posting some of my early spring collection, for those ready to go out and can't wait for spring!
There are lots of Moroccan inspired Tunics and Caftans to wear at home and for outside...
If you want to see more, visit
With lots of Love,


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