Monday, 28 October 2013

Cosy Winter Moroccan Interiors...

November is coming and we are feeling the cold winter nights also approaching. What makes a room cosy and winterish? It's definitely a room with loads of cushions, rugs, cozy blankets.
 Moroccan Interiors are not just for warm summer nights,... it' s also perfect for a cosy winter night, where you are curled up in your loungewear, sitting next to your loved one, keeping eachother company.
All you need now is a fire place. Buy a whole load of cushions and cover yourselves with them in the living room. Your room will no doubt be a place worth spending many winter cold days with. Hope you find inspiration in our Moroccan fashion & interior design store too: 



Monday, 21 October 2013

Maison De Marrakech Leather Pouffe on Sale...!

Autumn is definitely here and now awaiting for the winter cold seasons to arrive.
Here at Maison De Marrakech, we try to make our customers indoor living and space a tranquil space, a space to rejuvenate and energise, a place to relax, and feel special, to feel you are in a world safe and your own.
We love the magic a 'Moroccan pouf' does to you home interior, and wish all our readers had one, and could experience what we love, an ultimate bliss and exotic-ness. We are offering now special price of USD 89.99 for a pouf and 2 for 172.99 USD. Hope you take this opportunity to make your interior absolutely devine. Visit us at: 
Happy autumn shopping!

With Love from Marrakech,


Monday, 7 October 2013

Rich Colours of Moroccan Designs for Autumn...

Who said that Morocco is just for the summer or warm seasons?
Aside the fact that, yes it's warm 3/4 of the year, but Morocco certainly has it's rich colours and are very suitable for the tone colours of autumn & winter.
Morocco is a country with such vivid colours, every colour for every season is included. For autumn, may we suggest you find some Moroccan cushions in Burgundy, black or gold? Add some tan or brown coloured pouffes and it would match any autumn interior.
 I will always love Marrakech with passion, not only is this a place where my beloved is from, it is the place which gives me continuous flow of inspiration and freedom.
Are you in love with Moroccan Designs? Hope you see the beauty I see.
For more shopping for Moroccan designs and fashion, visit:

with love from Marrakech,


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