Thursday, 11 August 2011

Moroccan Handira- a beautiful woven art

Hello everyone! Are you enjoying the summer still? I'd love to share with you another Moroccan art called the 'handira'. It's a beautiful piece of textile woven from sheep wool and hundreds of sequins. It's meant to be a traditional Moroccan wedding blanket.
In the Berber villiages of Morocco (Berber is the original group which lived in Morocco for centuries and have their own culture, writing and language very different from the arabic Moroccans!), the femail members of the bride spend months hand sewing this beautiful blanket. The Berber bride will wear the handira as a cape for the journey into their new home and will use it for the first night to spend with her new husband.

As a designer, I find this sequin wedding blanket very trendy for any bedroom, and will add that extra luxury and exotic feeling to a peaceful and calming atmosphere.
It useful not just for a bed cover, but could be used anywhere in your room especially over your sofa.

It also makes it a special feeling that everything is handmade, and was meant to give good luck, prosperity to the new family the bride was meant to spend her life with.
I have a handira as well in our bedroom, and I'm loving it every day! It just brings that special feeling into the home decor!

If you are interested in buying Handira's let me know! I sell some in our stock and would love to share this lovely Moroccan art with you☆

with love from Marrakech,


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