Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Zenza...Wonderful Moroccan Ideas...

I am now looking at beautiful Morccan Inspired Stores all around the world. There are so many, it's amazing! From California USA to Netherlands, Germany, Japan...it's endless. Beauty is borderless, yes, without a doubt.
Today, I'd like to take you to a store in Netherlands called Zenza. A beautiful Minimalistic Morccan Designs...Enjoy!!
I love this simple decor!! Yet, very moroccan....
 Beautiful Exotic Designs...love to have these in the house.
 Great idea for your home lighting too...
 Playing with the shadows....very Moroccan taste.

Address for this wonderful shop :

Utrechtsestraat 101
1017 VK Amsterdam
Tel: 020-4230070

Love from Marrakech,


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

R&B Collective, a pop-up Moroccan Bazaar in LA...

This shop is reminds me of the Souk in Syria or Marrakech...
A beautifully bohemian place to get interior ideas...
Really cozy corner..Love the Moroccan Pouffe there..
Exotic trays & Tea pots...why not buy one and invite your friends for an exotic tea time?

There's something about LA that I love, and can connect to...Not because I grew up there and feel close to the Californians, but because of their lovely choice of Bohemian lifestyle. LA is such a beautiful boho city to me, and will always be close to me...
Here's a great pop-up shop which opened just a year ago in Brentwood, LA called "R+G Collective".
Their collection is amazing! From the tea tables of Syria to the beautiful handcrafted leather pouffes from Morocco, Marrakech... If you live in LA, this shop is a treat for all exotic travellers, except that you don't have to travel at all! Just endulge yourself in the mystic cultures...

Abit about the background of this shop.   Hollywood art director, Wendy Riva & Andrea Gibbin collaborated on the shop with interior designers Eric Hughes & Nathan Turner. The shop also features clothing by Minnie Mortimer & Soledad Twombly...
I hope my design Tunics & Caftans "Maison Marrakech" might be selected in their shop one day....☆
Their address:
R + G Collective, 11981 San Vicente Blvd., California, + 1(USA) 310-729-7775

Love from Marrakech,


Friday, 17 June 2011

Inspiration for Boho Beds...

 I love the weekends! (Who doesn't??) On Saturday mornings, I love to just lay on my bed and not worry about what's happening outside in the world. I just want to indulge myself in the bedroom I love...
Here are some inspiration for Bohemian look Bed Designs...Hope this gives inspiration to your weekend too.
Happy Friday ☆

 I'm in love with this beautiful blue...Very playful, yet soft...
 Just look at this gorgeouse wooden engrave. It's an artpiece to admire...
 Very clean, fresh room, yet it still has a Bohemian Flair...like the Vases, I love them!
 A mixture of Moroccan & Indian designs...It's one of my favorite...Live like a princess..

 Much love & Inspiration from Marrakech,



Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Momo - my favorite hung out in London...

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I always love to chill out in the middle of the week. I usually give myself that special treatment ☆Normally, I go to the gym on weekdays, except for Wednesday, as it's my chill out day...time to chill out and spend some time in an exotic space...
When I'm in London, my favorite chill out place is Momo. For those living in London, it's a must to try.

I usually start by relaxing in their terrace outside with a sheesha (water pipe) in my  hand, bubbling away...it's really relaxing, and I like the taste, very fruity. Whilst I am enjoying my bubbles, I order some of their new tea time sets. And spend another more couple of hours with my friends. Sometimes, I may come on my own to feel the inspiration..
The Moroccan-inspired afternoon tea offers a mix of classic English scones and cheesecakes alongside authentic Maghrebine pastries or a Moroccan chicken wrap savoury option. Teas range from traditional English to exotic – the Hamman, a Turkish variety of green tea, is also superb. Afternoon tea at Momo will be served from 2.30pm-5.30pm every day; prices start at £9.50 for tea and scones, while the full selection, including cakes, savoury snacks and teas, is £22 per person. Call 020 7434 4040 to book.

with love from Marrakech,


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Riad Fernachi-The Ancient meets the Nouveau...

It's tuesday, and it's time for me to select another wonderful riad that lies in Marrakech. There are so many houses and riads that are unique, it's amazing. No wonder it captivates and mesmerizes so many artist in the world...
Riad Farnatchi has been created out of five small Riads in the heart of the oldest part of Marrakech. Houses have stood on the site for many centuries and some of our walls go back over 400 years. You could see in all the rooms the marriage of the antique engravings, arches etc to the modern furniture and designs.
They know the most important thing in elegance, which is to keep things simple! Yet, it's got all the Moorish element...something you could copy in your home.
For the Moroccan's, the bathtime is an important ritual of the day. This one is like a Hamman, where the whole bathroom becomes the 'bathtub'. I love spending time in Moroccan baths, imagine floating hundreds of red rose petals in this bathtub with candellights..absolute romance.
I recommend this riad, which blends the old & new, tradition and the western decor beautifully...Hope you have time to stay at this riad when you come by Marrakech.

Derb el Farnatchi
Rue Souk el Fassis
Qua'at Ben Ahid
Marrakech Medina

With Amour,

Monday, 6 June 2011

My favorite Morccan Colour...

Happy Monday Everyone!
This Monday, I send you my most favorite Moroccan Colour...
It's peaceful, yet dramatic. Hipp, yet elegant...
Hope you have an inspiring week ahead xx


maison marrakech: Le Marchebag...

maison marrakech: Le Marchebag...: "The real summer season is coming and I'm sure you'll all be heading towards the sea, the beach, or the resort! What more do you need than..."


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Le Marchebag...

The real summer season is coming and I'm sure you'll all be heading towards the sea, the beach, or the resort!
What more do you need than a trendy, hippie elegant marchebag!!
Marchebags aren't just a summer bag, but it came from France, where people picked up the local bags they use in everyday life in Morroco, and have turned it into a trend.

The most sought after designer bag in the world is Hermes' Birkin bag named after Jane Birkin, the British actress who became famous in France in the 70's. She looked effortlessly chic even when she was carrying a basket full of her shopping or groceries. In France, Marche bags (also known as the couffin bag) are a common sight in France and they are weaved in Morocco using palm tree leaves. They are light, sturdy, practical, versatile and 100% natural. They are also less harsh to the touch compared to baskets made in China. Saw some beautiful ones at a fair so I got one for grocery shopping. It will also be perfect for a picnic in the park.

Ask anyone French, and more or less, they will know "Marchebag"...Let's start this French/Moroccan Trend here too!!
Tell me what you think. Do you like Marchebags?

with love from Marrakech,


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