Friday, 22 March 2013

Peacock Pavilions, a blissful retreat in Marrakech

I just love the surprises Marrakech gives.
Not only is the city thriving with interesting objects and art, culture, but the people who live there, are real creative artist, and bring a new dimension to this hidden red city.
One of my favorite hidden spot is the Peacock Pavilion
Maryam and her husband has made their imagination and creativity into real gem spot in Marrakech.
Have a little tour of their beautiful house.
Hope you have an inspiring weekend.
To visit out Moroccan interior & fashion web:

Love the ethnic decor!!
 Very hippie and cosy, living space...

 Great patio to chill out and have a weekend breakfast...
Absolute stunning wall design, loving it!

Sending lots of love from Marrakech,


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