Tuesday, 24 August 2010

How about a Moroccan Lantern to spice up your home ?

I love moroccan lanterns. When you go to morocco, especially Marrakech, in the night time, the houses are fulled with romantic lanterns and carpets.
It's amazing that they do this at a day to day bases...it really certainly keeps the beauty of the city, not to mention a romantic atmosphere in the house.
Most houses (or riads) we have been invited, always welcomed us and the guests with moroccan lanterns in the front door.
For more elaborate celebrations, we had parties, where they had carpets right from the entrance of the gate of the house till the entrance of the house with beautiful lanterns on both sides of the carpet...And believe me, the distance between the gate and the house could be many many yards for some luxury houses.

I am planning to bring in some Moroccan lanterns in the future for my 'Maison Marrakech' collections. Here are some I've found via the internet.
Let me know how you think, and would you like one in your home?
Let's decorate your home with some bohemian touch...

I love these white ones, it very feminine. I am planning to put these lanterns in my collection.

This miss-match gives the essense of a rustic bohemian look...

These are rustic style lanterns...it gives the room an antique flair, yet very stylish and mystic..

Let me know which one's you like...there are much more seletion in the market (souk) in Marrakech, I can't wait to go to my next shopping! I'd like to design some lanterns for my collection soon...

My new tunic fashion collection 'Fall Maison Marrakech 2010' will be coming out on the 1st September. Please check my etsy shop, or my blog for further details. Shokkuran min Kalbi
(thank you with love)☆

Live free, Live bohemian, be bohemian...


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My favorite hangout-Bo Zin Marrakech

I just came back from Marakech and feel nice and relaxed. I just loved the warm and sunny weather there.For me the night life is an important time to recuperate and to relax. As I have a daughter to take care in the afternoons, the night time is a great time to catch up with myself as a women, as a special being!
My favorite place to hangout is Bo Zin.
You'll be amazed how many great places you can hangout in Marrakech.
Love you Marrakech!

They serve Thai/Moroccan/European food...Thai/Japanese is so hip in Marrakech. And the food is fab too.

 There are bamboos all around the bar & restaurant. The ambience is just suberb. With the dark atmosphere and candles, you feel you are in a mystic place...


Thursday, 12 August 2010

Ramadan Arabian Nights Project

Hello everyone & Happy Ramadan ,

Yes, Ramadan has started and it's that time of year again in Marrakech where things are really slow in the afternoons and are really really lively in the night time.

Ramada is a religous event and lasts for 1 month long. During that time, most people (and in Morocco, this is totally voluteerly) fast during the day and break their fast when the sun sets. In fact Magrib (which is the name of Morocco in Arabic) mean the far west, and also means sun set. It's called Magrib, because Morocco is the most west of the arbic countries.

The Moroccans during Ramadan, live for the night time parties, and they are quite glamourous as well as spiritual.
Here are some inspirations of an arabic theme party...

Ramadan Moubarak...Party like a Bohemian, be free like a Bohemian.


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My memoriable Alhambra Palace, Spain

Every year when it gets close to my birthday (which is on the 20th of this month!!), I always remember the wonderful and romantic birthday I had with my husband when we just met...
I asked him that I wanted to spend my birthday at the Alhambra palace in south of Spain...so we did ! That was a good 7 years ago...ah, time goes by, and we have a beautiful daughter together now, but those memories are still vivid and special.
Do you have a special moment in your life, and is it still vivid in your memory?

I want to share with you pics of this beautiful beautiful, absolutely stunning old arab architecture masterpiece with you. Hope you like it!

☆Alhambra Palace, Granada, Andalucia (South of Spain)

Now, just abit of its history...(so sorry my blog is abit long today).

The name derives from the Arabic ‘Al-Qalat-al-Hamra’ which means ‘The Red Fortress’, due to the red colour of the brickwork.
The first references to the Alhambra Castle started to appear in the ninth century, but it was in the thirteenth century that the fortress part of the complex, Alcazaba was built.

You have to remember that at this time, Spain was ruled by the Moors (now Moroccans) , and AndalucĂ­a was the last Muslim state in Spain, so the Sultan (or Emir) needed impressive and secure fortresses to try to hold onto his lands.

The Alhambra Castle was completed during the Nasrid Dynasty (mid fourteenth century), with the construction of the residential palaces (Palacios Nazaries).

The palaces, made up of three distinct parts, The Mexuar, The Comares Palace and The Palace of the Lions, are stunning for their Arab architecture, and exquisite attention to detail in the decoration.

Through out the palace, you can see all the beautiful arabic designs on the walls. Alhambra still feels like home to the Moroccans (The Moors). Maybe thats why I love it so much...

Friday, 6 August 2010

Arabian Magic Inspirational Kaftans...

We all have this image that Kaftans are abit too out of the fashion. Well think again, there are so many new styles Kaftan (and Ethinic costumes) out there that you could definately wear for that special occassion and would not only look drop dead GORGEOUS, but also would stand before the crowd...
There are collections from various Moroccan to Middle Eastern Designer kaftans.
Enjoy, and let me know if you like them, and think could wear for that special wedding, anniversary, party...

Be Bohemian, live free...

Bohemian Style Fall Collection with a Moroccan twist

It's almost end of summer, and although it's very sad to know that the hot/warm season is coming to an end, I can't but look forward to thinking about the fall fashion for 2010...
And as usual, my inspiration is always Moroccan/ Boho style, so I've come up with some collection of mine ☆

The colours the fabric for "Etro"(left) are definately tribal and the big belt reminds me of the belts they wear for Kaftans in Morocco. The big jewely on the clothing (far right) is also inspired by an ethnic design...

Look!! My bags (Maison Marrakech) is just perfect for these outfits...Lovely to know that these bags are not only beautiful, but are also practical and can fit so many things inside (they are L size). It's not just for summer season, but you can well carry them on an autumn day, and look GORGEOUS!!

As you can see, it doesn't matter which season you are in, it's always good to have a combination of Black/Gold, or Black/Silver, and you will look trendy no matter what...The glitter just adds elegance and richness in your fashion.
I think I'm always inspired to see ethinc designs in the motif of the clothes, it brings more richness, uniqueness, freedom and elegance to you.

Let's always try to be yourself, a unique being, different from others...go bohemian ....♥

My fall collection will be coming mid/end of August..

Monday, 2 August 2010

What is Boho Fashion?

Labas Aleiki (Hello in Moroccan Arabic),
For those who aren't familiar with all the terminology, here are some of the information about Boho Fashion, and how it all started. Morocco was also an inspiration to all the ethnic fashion back then, and still is!

Hippies Created Bohemian Fashion

The Hippie Clothing originated in US by mid-60′s, the clothing style was popularized by the radical youth during that period. The Hippies are known to be rebellious in a subtle way, creating their own communities and groups, as well as other radical habits and practices.

Hippie, Indie, Boho, Vintage, etc…

It is hippie clothing style who has become and reincarnated as Indie Clothing (Independent Clothing) in the 80′s because the style refuse to follow trends, but their comfortable styling, ethnic taste, and accessories. It has later become the Bohemian Clothing upto the present.

Now Hippie Clothing is widely recognized in fashion industry as the Bohemian Fashion or Boho Fashion. More and more people are fascinated by the ethnic look of the hippie clothing style that is now popular because of the tribal trend this year.

Hippies ! We love nature...

Also, hippie groups are always into nature. My prediction is that the hippie clothing style or hippie fashion will become more and more famous. The campaign for environmental action to help Mother Nature will push it to its fame. They are known to use eco-friendly items to create their style and fashion.

Their use of natural fabrics and materials, as well as recycling vintage clothing. Vintage clothing as we all know is well patronized for their elegance and simplicity. It has truly become Indie Clothing revolving through time. It is the fashion of the past to future.

Bohemian or Boho style unites in itself vintage, gypsy, hippy and everyday styles.
Bold, creative personalities usually choose this style.
Boho style naturally brings out the uniqueness in you...

Live Bohemian, be free in spirit, be bohemian...

If you like, visit my etsy shop for more Bohemian fashion...
More new collections are coming up mid-August.

...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥ ...♥

Additonal info:

Bohemian style clothing features:

• Short-tunic dresses, floor reaching dresses, kimono-sleeves, cardigans, bolero, short jackets, poncho, pelerines;

• Light, fluttering textiles;

• Flowers and psychedelic patterns, ethnic motifs (mottled clothes combined with single-colored);

• Color palette: grayish beige, lavender, greenish neutral, ivory, pale pink, gray tones;

• Layered clothing;

• Combination of loose and tight-fitting clothing.

• Sandals (with metal clasps, decorated with beads and leather straps), vintage shoes and semi-long boots.

• Hair bands, colorful necklaces, big bracelets, belts with massive buckles, scarves;

• Tip: clothing should not be too mottled and too complex, so that it would not turn off attention from the face.


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