Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Arabic Fashionista

I've been into Moroccan interior designs lately and have been absent from my main stream, 'bohemian fashion'...
I love anything that I think is beautiful, whether that is fashion, decor, art, painting, architecture, food etc...it doesn't really matter, they are all satisfying to my eyes and soul.

Today, I want to introduce two arabic fashion designers I adore... Shrekahnth (dubai based designer), and Ziad Nakad (Haute Couture Lebanese designer).
Especially Ziad is known for his unique and beautiful drapery cuts in his dresses. It reminds me of the long kaftans the Morocccans wear. Both designers root in Arabic Oriental fashion design and is a new breeze to our western fashion world.

I may have said this before, but I will definately be posting my new tunic autumn collections next week (inshallah!). Visit my store, and see if there is anything you like...

One day, my aim is to create a more vintage like moroccan tunic shirts/dresses what we could wear in our everyday life. Let's try to bring the bohemian look more into our everyday life, and make everyday special.

More Ziad Nakad Fall-Winter 2010-2011 Collection below.

More Ziad Nakad Fall-Winter 2010-2011 Collection below. Somehow all these dress cuts reminds me of the arabic women fashion of Jilebas, Kaftan and Shalwal/Kameez...I would love love love to wear them one day..

Here are some designs from the colourful designer Shrekahnth.

Live bohemian, be bohemian...with love from Morocco & London


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Harlem Nights...

Hello Everyone!
Sorry I was away for business and was not able to update my blog for almost 2 weeks!! Time flies...
In the meantime, I had to organise a moroccan theme party for our close friend living in Spain...It was my friends wedding anniversary and they wanted to have a romantic party night where they could fall in love all over again...
I wanted to create a theme which was cosy, yet exotic, bohemian, and foreign.
So, I decided to use all our items from our store.

Here are some quick tips to organise a moroccan theme:
☆Lanterns are a must, try to find a moroccan lantern, or anything close to it.
☆Colourful cushions all around the seats (low seats, ottoman pouffes, or a low matteress)
☆rich colour textiles...
☆absolutely candel lights , esssential!
☆rose petals...In Morocco, some house always prepare fresh rose petals everyday in their houses...
☆babouche slippers (if there is a carpet) for the guests to wear
☆comfortable carpets...
☆bellydance belts, or guests willing to volunteer for a shimmy! or hire a bellydancer (s)
☆for smokers, place some sheesha (water tabacco, hoppa)
☆Have some round moroccan metal tables, and cushions around them.

You don't need all of them, but theses will help you create an unforgettable event.

P.S.: I have been away from my fashion business , but hope to be updating my fall catalog soon! Look out for my ebay shop

Shokuran wa maasalama , with love


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Our new Moroccan tea glass collection!

Hurray!! We are still in the proccess of updating our new Autumn collection...and it takes so long sometimes (taking photos, edit, uploading, writing discription etc..) phewww...
We recently started selling internationally with EBAY. It's actually quite nice and I might put more of our items in EBAY in the future.
Our shop is call 'La Maison Marrakech'.
Check out our store:


I still have plenty of Vintage clothing to upload and list...
But in the meantime, please have a glance at our new Moroccan Tea Glass Series...
If you like them, you could buy them at our new EBAY store... Lovely ♥♥♥


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