Sunday, 7 June 2015

Maison De Marrakech Kids Collection is Coming to London...

Here at Maison De Marrakech, our dream is to create not just a fashion business, but we are entirely committed to bring our passion of bohemian chic lifestyle to a the people that connect with us, and see our vision. That's from the interior design, furniture, clothing, to children's furniture, clothing, everything.
Being a mum, my love to create something more bohemian and natural, inspired by the Moroccan way and style of living has become a drive and finally, we will be launching a 'Maison de Marrakech Kid's Collection'.
Stay tuned, for the end of June, we are opening up our new range of kids collection. Hope you love our designs and the inspiration brought from our second home, Marrakech.
Love from Marrakech


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