Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Maison de Marrakech Living Coming in Autumn 2014

We are thinking of creating our shop into a living brand. Not just the caftans, poufs that we sell, but as our products are a lifestyle. It could be extended to most any living aspects.

 For eating, kitchenware, bathroom towels, hammam towels, dishes, brass tables, they all are extensions of what we believe as a bohemian living and complements eachother.

 Here are some ideas we have for the autumn 2014 , when we open up our sister store. Stay tuned !
In the meantime, enjoy our May Sale at:

Love from Marrakech ♥


Monday, 12 May 2014

When in Marrakech, there is a hotel you must visit; Mamounia Hotel. There is something monumental about this hotel, and not hip hotel can compare the history and legend this hotel has brought to Marrakech the city.

 Love the simple décor and the burgundy red contrast. Beautiful

 A boho swimming pool...

 Love this tranquil

 It has been renovated a couple of years  ago, but still holds the highest ranking in my 'must see' list for Marrakech. Mamounia is in my heart, and can imagine living there! I'm never bored of the classic & bohemian décor, it just keeps evolving.

 We would like our Maison de Marrkaech to be the same: forever evolving and changing, but always soothing to the eye, and belongs to your heart.

visit us at:

Love Marrakech,


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Maison De Marrakech we are back with more inspiration !

It's been a long Easter break for us and we are finally back into business again. We love a holiday, but ideally if you can blend where you live as a holiday, nothing else is better. If you live everyday life as if in a holiday, what more can you ask! Weather needs to be warm, beach, relaxation, laughter, easy going spirit, boho spirit, all this is so important in life, and we just separate them, thinking we can only enjoy them during holidays.

 Let's bring our everyday life into a holiday. I don't want to go to any holidays, I want to live it every day, right now, right here where I live. Let's start by being inspired. We've brought some great beautiful summer boho accessories as your inspiration for summer & beach.

 Love this beach like style accessories! Be creative for summer...

 Boho Beach Caftan Wear!

 Bohemian beauty, bohemian necklaces..loving the turquoise stones...

Be daring in your everyday life, be bohemian! Shop with us for our new collection too at
Love Marrakech ♥


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