Thursday, 25 September 2014

New Trend Boho Kimono Wear...

Boho Kimonos coming out soon from Maison de Marrakech shop.
We love the new kimono trend fashion..I have always been a fan of the kimonos. It's not only convenience for the autumn weather, where you need something warm, but need equally so...mething you can take off easily. Kimono is the solution! We were inspired by all the different fabrics we could use for the kimonos. Hope you enjoy our inspiration...
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Love from Marrakech


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Autumn is here, get ready for our fall collection...

Autumn is here! Maison de Marrakech boho fall collection is almost out...
The beach days are over (although you can still go on holidays, and many parts of the southern hemisphere is approaching summer ), here in London, we are heading for the cold seasons again.

I love summer, but also love fall & winter with passion as well. The romantic candle lights, cosy duvets, coats and the fire places, all wouldn't be attractive without the cold chilly weather outside.

We've got new fall jackets and coats added to our collection, and hope you visit our website soon x The collection is scheduled to be launched 26 Sept. Happy shopping.
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