Monday, 12 March 2012

Chanel Spring 2012 Collection....

I love the spring atmosphere...Lots of pink, white, pastel colours. Just looking at the colours, you just want to eat them! They are so light, so uplifting, you can feel the sun in your eyes...ah, finally I can feel that spring is approaching, and we have everything to look forward to.
Here is the new spring collection from Chanel, my favorite all time brand. Timeless, and always classy...
Love the pink, white and pearl combination..just like spring under the sea...

                            Flowers on the's like wearing lovely!

          This is my favorite out of all the collection. Love the colour, and the texture. It's so Chanel...
               This costume reminds me of my tunics. The embroidery on the side looks alit like mine??
                                    Love the pearls on the top. Looks like fresh from the sea.
                                   Chanel is so classy and's exactly what I look for in life.

                          Love the pearl on her skin, so unique, dreamy and romantic. So spring!!

Hope you enjoyed the collection!,
Love from Marrakech,


  1. wow CHANEL loooooove
    thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you for your comment:) hope you visit my blog again x


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