Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lovely Easter Holiday...

It's thursday! One more day to go until Easter Holiday kicks in...I can't wait. We will be in Marrakech in our new home :o) We have been working on our new home for over a year now. It's coming along well, but we're still in the process of buying furniture, it might still take awhile till I could finally post it on my blog☆ Can't wait! Our interior decor is 100% moroccan, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, hope you have a lovely Easter Holiday. I will be busy thinking about my new collections for early summer. When I come back to London, I will be posting new items for my shop.
Stay tuned also for my new babouche collections!! I'll be bringing back spring-summer babouches which would fit perfect for your interiors. Bring a little Marrakech to your home...
Would you wear a babouche in your house?



  1. These babouches are so beautiful and they look comfortable. Such an array of colors! I look forward to seeing pictures of your home once completed! ~Val

  2. love your blog Raina, I come to look at it when ever I need inspiration...there is always some beautiful image to inspire me. Anita


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