Monday, 23 May 2011

A prier pour Marrakech (A prayer for Marrakech)-A Blue Marrakech

Hello Everyone,
I am back once again in London, as we were in Marrakech, and the desert of Sahara for 3 weeks. Once again, for those who don't know me, my hubby and our beautiful little daughter live in London & in Marrakech. We spend our time, creating and working in several different fields both in London/Marrakech...

2 weeks ago, Marrakech was bombed by one person who clearly was against any peace and religion. He bombed the most busiest and unique part of Marrakech, our wonderful SOUK (Jma El Fna). It was targeted to visitors who happily came to Marrakech to explore the exotic and beautiful country.
I pray for the victims whose lives were lost, and for Marrakech to overcome this terroistic deed.

I love Marrakech from my heart and although I am Japanese, consider it as my home. It's hippy, unique, sincere, and warm. "Islam" stands for "peace".
Blue is a peaceful colour, so today, I'm posting pictures of 'Majorelle' blue in hope Marrakech will restore its peace soon...
P.S. Majorelle blue is one of the most complex blue you could ever get, and this exact colour could only be made in Marrakech. You can't make this colour anywhere else.How special is that!

I shall be posting my blog more regularly from now on!
with much Love,


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