Tuesday, 27 July 2010

One Thousand & One Night - Deeply Sensual Dining in Marrakech

The reason I think I am in love with Marrakech, is not only the mysterious location and it's 'east meets west' atmosphere, but also it's because of the romantic night outs...
Here, you really feel like a princess.Just wear one of the traditional Kaftan's and head to the 2 restaurants I will be introducing you to.
I will be featuring Dar Yacout today, and Le Comptoir tomorrow.

Here are some of the Kaftans you could wear to your special night out!

Dar Yacout

Dar Yacout is not a restaurant but a legend..an experience you have to live if you are visiting Marrakech.

Your journey begins through a dark narrow street in Medina to a giant nondescript door off an alley, which opens by Ibrahim…When you enter that door the world around you totally changes. Once inside, you are guided to the rooftop terrace with a great view of Medina, (or in a fireplace-warmed lounge when the weather’s chilly) to have your aperitifs..

The building has renovated 20 years ago by American architect Bill Willis who turned a cluster of mansions into a labyrinth of secret salons and patios, most sporting carved cedar ceilings, mosaic floors and fountains, exotic columns, and countless lanterns. Even the bathrooms have sculpted fireplaces. Guests are seated on two levels around a courtyard with a beautiful pool and entertained by Ghana musicians playing a trance-inducing Moroccan form of blues. The food just keeps on coming, course after course after course: pickled and spiced vegetable salads, lemon and almond chicken tajine, tender shoulder of lamb, vegetable couscous, and ultimately pastries, tiered trays of cookies, and mint tea. All of this and with a traditional moroccan musicians playing live in the back ground.
This place is all about the architectural, and has a definate 1001 Arabian Nights atmosphere..Ideal place to go whilst you are on a honeymoon, or romantic nightout.

Dar Yacout is only a mile stone away from this exotic street market of Medina...

You climb up these rather dark, mysterious narrow stairs to get to the impressive ravishing rooms.

Everywhere in this riad, there were petals and fountains. They keep electricity to the minimum for the atmosphere,it's mostly candels...You can imagine the music, the lavishing clothes, beautiful men and women all being entertained and enjoying their deep sensual evening...

Jennifer Jeffrey commented on the architecture of Marrakesh, writing that the “Moroccan architecture echoes the nature of its people; Moroccans reveal themselves slowly, unwilling to divulge their secrets at once.”

....I agree, you need to slowly soak into the atmophere to feel the beauty..it's all hidden, but it's deep and sensual, like velvet...

If you are interested in Dar Yacout, whilst you are staying in Marrakech :
79 rue Sidi Ahmed Soussi, Arset Ihiri
Phone: +212-524-380-29-29

Best wishes from Marrakech,



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