Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I have found these babouche stories in the web, and wanted to share this with you .

I've made some changes and have made it my own style.

It’s location is in Mafraoute, the capital of slippers…

Story of two slippers

These were two small slippers. Slippers for two pretty little feet....
Slippers, but slippers of Tafraoute the capital of slippers.
In Tafraoute, a small town in the south of Morocco, in the rocky Mountains, where the trees of almond bloom their white flowers like snow,
in the middle of a city that goes red during sunset, There lived a babouche maker named Ahmed.

Ahmed has always lived in Tafraoute, his father, his grandfather now, and perhaps even his great-grandfather and his great-great grandfather also....
His father manufactured slippers, his grandfather manufactured slippers, his great-grandfather produced slippers and even his great-great grandfather.....
His son Mohamed, also manufactured slippers, together with his son Ahmed created the most beautiful babouches in Tafraoute.

The city’s name “Tafraoute” means in Arabic, “never get hungry”, as with the most beautiful babouches they have sold, and were famous of, they never became hungry.
Ahmed had made a pair of the most beautiful golden pair of babouches with diamonds sewed on
Ahmed has put his soul and heart in creating this precious golden bacouches. And so he has put long hours in the creation of his masterpiece slippers.
What he did not know, Ahmed, is that these two were no ordinary slippers!
These slippers had feelings and were able to talk.

-Promise me, said the right slipper, never to leave me.

-How would I ever leave you, we are a pair bound to be together. Alone we are no use. Replied the left slipper.

-Of course, but promise to always follow me! Asked the little right slippers, who was in tears, as she did not want to be left behind.

-Always follow you? That, I cannot , as we are to move back and forth of each other whilst walking.
-Then, I shall want to have a dancer, dance in our slippers, so that we will be side to side together and you shall never be ahead of me.

-Yes, replied the left slipper. That would not be convenient for walking on the rocky mountains of Tafraoute.

-But, I don’t want to be an ordinary slipper. I am the slipper from Tafraoute! Besides, walking on the rocky roads will ruin us.

-Ah, agreed the left slipper. What shall we do then?

I would need to continue this another day...


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