Friday, 13 April 2012

My perfect stay RYADDYOR...

I'm leaving for Morocco today, yayy! We have a villa in Marrakech, but for a couple of days, we were invited to stay in one of the newly made beautiful riad, so we are staying at RYADDYOR!! It's so trendy and hip, but still has its tranquility and calmness.
It's a perfect riad for anyone who's never been to Marrakech before. I'll be back in London on the 26th April, so stay tuned to my 'Moroccan Tour Blog' from tomorrow...

                                       Look at the beautiful moroccan tiles on the wall, lovely-!
                              Can't wait to chill out close to the fire place with some vin de rouge...
                    Moroccan's consider the bathroom as a part of their bedroom..I think it's romantic

                                                          Love all the ojects in the room...
                                   So rustic, yet elegant and comfy..this is bohemian life
                              I am in love with the golden lamp on the ceiling. Hope I get this room...!

Morocco is a true gem, everything is mysterious and full of surprise. Who would think there is a palace behind these doors...!

Love always from Marrakech,


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  1. So beautiful, so sensual...Moroccan interiors are the best. BTW, I just bought two kaftan shirts from your site, :-) Can't wait to wear them and show them off in Chicago!


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