Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday: Palais Rhoul, out of the world space....

It's tuesday and I was thinking of which hotel to look into for great inspirations...
Well, it was just the Oscar's the otherday, and I was looking at celebrities wonderful evening dresses and the glamour.
Where in Marrakech is there glamour? Well, Marrakech has glamour and hip everywhere you go, but when it comes to celebrities visiting, nothing compares to my favorite 'Palais Rhoul' boutique hotel.
This is a one hotel where the hollywood celebrities come for peace and quiet. Not to mention David Beckam and George Clooney!
Palais Rhoul is a architectural bliss, where the east meets the west, or rather west meets the North African charm. There are roman columns and moroccan lanterns, modern furniture, traditional moroccan fountain..mixture of the cultures, full of colour and fragrance.
Hidden only 5KM away from the centre of Marrakech, this is a paradise not to be missed.

Happy Tuesday...
Love from Marrakech,


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  1. Great post!

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