Monday, 27 February 2012

Lanterns, Flowers and the Hammam...

It's monday! I always try to find something very inspirational to start the week, something to keep my energy going high for it to last all week...
This week, although Valentines Day has passed, I'm still feeling the atmosphere of L'amour...
Spring is in the air, a kind of sweetness, I can feel all my senses coming in bloom.
I'm in a romantic mood this week. Shall we try some of the secrets the Arabians? The Moros know how to turn a bath into an exotic, sensual place.
Actually, if you are up for it, anyone can do something similar at home.
All you need is:
Rose petals (to sprinkle around the bath, and inthe bath tub)
candle lights
insense burning
exotic buddahbar kind of music
Ok, now let's get our inspiration for this week....
                    I love the way the bath, is connected with the other rooms..there is a natural flow
                   The bedroom and bath is combined together, I'd love to have this in my room too
                   Beautiful illumination...just get a moroccan lamp, and change your room completely!
                    Love the water basin above. They put rose water in them to refreshen your body..
             Lovely Lantern! Maison Marrakech has got similar lamps!! Visit our shops for lovely items...:)
                           Romance doesn't need money, it needs the heart and passionate ideas...

Hope to keep the pasions in your lives going on.
Love from Marrakech,


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