Thursday, 12 August 2010

Ramadan Arabian Nights Project

Hello everyone & Happy Ramadan ,

Yes, Ramadan has started and it's that time of year again in Marrakech where things are really slow in the afternoons and are really really lively in the night time.

Ramada is a religous event and lasts for 1 month long. During that time, most people (and in Morocco, this is totally voluteerly) fast during the day and break their fast when the sun sets. In fact Magrib (which is the name of Morocco in Arabic) mean the far west, and also means sun set. It's called Magrib, because Morocco is the most west of the arbic countries.

The Moroccans during Ramadan, live for the night time parties, and they are quite glamourous as well as spiritual.
Here are some inspirations of an arabic theme party...

Ramadan Moubarak...Party like a Bohemian, be free like a Bohemian.



I would love your inspirational comments...

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