Friday, 6 August 2010

Bohemian Style Fall Collection with a Moroccan twist

It's almost end of summer, and although it's very sad to know that the hot/warm season is coming to an end, I can't but look forward to thinking about the fall fashion for 2010...
And as usual, my inspiration is always Moroccan/ Boho style, so I've come up with some collection of mine ☆

The colours the fabric for "Etro"(left) are definately tribal and the big belt reminds me of the belts they wear for Kaftans in Morocco. The big jewely on the clothing (far right) is also inspired by an ethnic design...

Look!! My bags (Maison Marrakech) is just perfect for these outfits...Lovely to know that these bags are not only beautiful, but are also practical and can fit so many things inside (they are L size). It's not just for summer season, but you can well carry them on an autumn day, and look GORGEOUS!!

As you can see, it doesn't matter which season you are in, it's always good to have a combination of Black/Gold, or Black/Silver, and you will look trendy no matter what...The glitter just adds elegance and richness in your fashion.
I think I'm always inspired to see ethinc designs in the motif of the clothes, it brings more richness, uniqueness, freedom and elegance to you.

Let's always try to be yourself, a unique being, different from others...go bohemian ....♥

My fall collection will be coming mid/end of August..

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