Monday, 7 June 2010

Exotic Doors

It's a monday, and I am feeling abit impatient...
My 'Maison Marrakech' e-shop will be opening soon, but I still have bits and pieces
where I just can't start the business yet...Sometimes it's just hard to wait and to prepare yourself before the launch.

I guess it is like that with anything...Roma was not built in a day...

Once my shop opens in July, I will be looking forward to advertising myself more..until then,
I will be the little bird waiting for that sunrise in patience.

Whilst waiting, I was just thinking of the wonderful Moroccan Doors.
They are so simple, yet exotic and rich, I can't stop being mesmerized by them.

This is a typical Moroccan design, which you find in walls, doors, furniture patterns.

more lovely doors...

Who would think that behind theses closed doors, are the modern interiors of Morocco?

...and an inner courtyard is essential in these Moroccan Homes...


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  1. Awesome and lovely doors! Beautiful interiors of Morocco. I really would like to see this marvelous designs.


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