Sunday, 14 August 2016

assalama leikum from Morocco!

Assalama Leikum from Morocco! we have been away for a while to create and prepare for our Autumn collection! We hope you are enjoying your summer holidays, as we are. In life, it's so important to take a break and start living. I tend to postpone the living and just work, work, but the most important things in live , are the things that you do freely, with passion and no intention. Here at Maison de Marrakech, we take our holidays passionately, and are taking a break to bring more renewed inspirations and trendiness to fashion in the Autumn. We will be adding more boho interiors, like the berber cushions, pompom sandals, rugs and much more. We are still open for our Summer items, so stay tuned and hope you keep visiting us during the summer too!
Happy summer from the sunny city Essoueira!


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