Thursday, 29 January 2015

Moroccan Boho & Modern Twist, so cozy...

Boho interior design inspirations for the new year. We know that 2015 January is about to finish, and how quick that already was. Here in London, it's been so cold and freezing, the only pleasure is to think of a beautiful, inspiring, uplif...ting interior room to live in. Our dream is to create a bohemian life style, living space , including not just our clothing, but our rugs, tea cups, bowls, frames, lamps, candles...everything Moroccan modern and bohemian . It's vibrant, yet tranquil, simple yet gorgeous, plain yet stylish. It give pleasures to our senses at every level.
Hope we've tickled your senses to create a bohemian home.
For inspirations, we're always here for you,
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 Love from Marrakech & London,



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