Sunday, 19 October 2014

Maison de Marrakech new website launched !

Hurrah! We have finally launched our new website. It's taken ages, as I am constantly juggling my design life with my private family life...but have finally managed to launch x

Maison de Marrakech is my baby, and it is a family business and passion. We're constantly and forever more dedicated to expanding our bohemian life concept philosophy into our everyday lives. Our motto is not just fashion, or interior design, but it's a lifestyle; from the lanterns to the poufs, slippers, mirrors, candles , towels, to clothing, nightwear, duvet covers , accessories, insence, never ends, it just keeps evolving..

Check out our website:

We've just begun and our dream is still expanding! Hope you join our journey and together , we can build something amazing, cosy and bring great happiness to your life x

Join our subscription for newsletters, and remember to shop now to receive a 10% discount to all caftans. Just type in 10DIS in the coupon code at check out.

Love from Marrakech



  1. Congrats on your new website! Hopefully it will help you get more clients through online channels, so that you can share your work with more people. And you're bound to make a lot of sales that way, as your products are all beautiful and well-crafted. Good luck!

    Jesse Austin @ Charlotte Local Marketing

  2. I agree with Jesse. Your business will surely grow, because you have beautiful products in store. You just have to find a way to get more followers, and keep your current loyal ones. Corresponding with them and answering their questions about your products and events is a good way of building rapport. It also helps if you could provide fashion tips and advice on what to wear in certain occasions. All the best!

    Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO

  3. Does it not feel so great to have an entire website completed. I remember we we launched our second website. The first one was a basic website through those templates. It looked pretty good and it was fairly professional. But then we decided to take it to the next level. We hired a professional to put something together for us.

    Jane Osborne @ Customer Finder Marketing


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