Monday, 12 May 2014

When in Marrakech, there is a hotel you must visit; Mamounia Hotel. There is something monumental about this hotel, and not hip hotel can compare the history and legend this hotel has brought to Marrakech the city.

 Love the simple décor and the burgundy red contrast. Beautiful

 A boho swimming pool...

 Love this tranquil

 It has been renovated a couple of years  ago, but still holds the highest ranking in my 'must see' list for Marrakech. Mamounia is in my heart, and can imagine living there! I'm never bored of the classic & bohemian décor, it just keeps evolving.

 We would like our Maison de Marrkaech to be the same: forever evolving and changing, but always soothing to the eye, and belongs to your heart.

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Love Marrakech,


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