Friday, 15 November 2013

Maybe because it's autumn and winter is just around the corner, or its already here? In anycase, I search for beautiful simple earthy colours in the interiors as well, like the colours in the park, dark vivid burgundy, brown, beige, earth colours...I search for 'rustic-ness'. So, once again, I go back to my passion, my roots, which is 'bohemia'!!

When I am in a Moroccan rustic setting, I am the most happiest, almost in tears, really. Moroccan designs really has this 'je ne sais quoi' effect, that tickles your senses, deep sensual feelings. Something deep and fundamental. Like it almost has a power to bring life in to a soulless man. It's the vivid colour in the simplicity, its the detailed sensual curves of the architecture, and the earthy materials of the walls, the wood, its deep rich coloured furniture.

 Hope you find inspiration in your everyday life. We strive for all our followers to be inspirational and passionate.
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We also will be having a pre-xmas sale next week, so stay tuned! Have a blessed weekend.



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  1. Mashallah your shop has the most beautiful clothes and your blog is a sight to see. So happy i found your shop.


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