Thursday, 7 October 2010

Bohemian Chic Rooms

What makes an interior room bohemian?
It's hard to define what "bohemian" is, as it's means anything that is free and unique, original,
but if I could bring them into key notes, they would be:
(1)  using a combination of simple colours verses vivid strong accent colours
(2) having ethnic ornaments, accessories
(3) using differnt textures. For instance the combination of silk, fur and velvet is quite common...

It's basically a combination of ehnic, trend, modern, west & east, norm and unusual put all together creating
a unison. Beautiful!

There is always some craziness, romance and elegance in the boho's so diverse, you'll never get

Definately lots of picture frames in the house!!

bohemian Carpet designs....

My favorite Palais Rhoule in Marrakech...a classical boho room. With beautiful water feature! With flower petals floating, this is surely for your unfogettable honeymoon...
Another Moroccan Boho classic!! I just love the craftsmanship and the vivid colours...

I love this blue coloured wall, it reminds me of Marrakech...
Avec amour,


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Our new autumn tunic collection ☆

Yes! Finally I have been able to post my autumn collection in our ebay shop!! I will be updating my etsy, and also I am in the proccess of creating our own web-shop for those wishing to purchase directly from us...
Here are my collections!
Let me know which one's you like...I am planning to participate in give aways and reviews. So, stay tuned!

Check out my store on the right for more gorgeous boho designs!!
With Love from Marrakech ,


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